Experts in Understanding Back Pain

Most of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. Age, physical activity and occupation are some of the many factors that can add pressure on your spine, causing pain and limiting mobility.

The multidisciplinary Brigham and Women's Spine Care team specializes in helping patients reduce their pain and resume their normal, everyday activities. Following an in-depth evaluation, we take a conservative approach to patient care that typically incorporates nonsurgical methods such as:

  • Physical therapy: A combination of physical therapy and a home exercise program is often an effective solution for back pain. In most cases, we will recommend a patient undergoes 12 weeks of physical therapy before surgical treatment is considered.
  • Pain management: Administering nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) and/or injections can alleviate pain and promote healing.
  • Physiatry: Our physiatry (physical medicine and rehabilitation) staff offers guidance on exercise therapy and lifestyle changes, prescribes and manages medications, makes referrals for alternative therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic care, and more.

Most of our patients find success through nonsurgical treatments. If you do not, then surgery may be necessary. In making your treatment plan decision, you will receive input from our spine care surgeons and specialists in physical therapy, pain management, and physiatry.

Wherever you are in your care journey, Brigham and Women's multidisciplinary spine care team is committed to providing safe, expert spine care, both in-person and virtually. Our care team will work with you to schedule the right visit for you. 

Request an Appointment or Get a Second Opinion

We are steadfast in our commitment to treating you in the safest possible environment and are seeing patients both in-person and through virtual visits. 

To request an appointment, please call 857-307-6152 Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm ET, or complete the form to receive a callback. 


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